Welcome to Tzorich Iyun.

This site is for those who enjoy difficulties in the Parsha.

Unfortunately, many people feel threatened when confronted with a question, and instinctively shoot a quick answer to rid themselves of it. Often, these answers are inadequate.

We believe questions are lovable little things. They are the keys that unlock the doors of the sugya, and lead us to the sophisticated answers we would never find without them. We know that it may take a week, month, or even years to uncover that golden answer that satisfies the heart and mind. Nevertheless, we enjoy the process of mulling over a difficult kasha, and are sure it will be a rewarding process.



8 Responses to About

  1. Bk says:

    A site such as this should have a haskomah and should post it clearly as well as who is behind the site

  2. rachack says:

    Is this site a continuation of the old Tzarich Iyun http://tzarichiyun.blogspot.co.il/?

  3. Mr. Pepper Feather says:

    Who is behind this site?

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